NFPA 2019 - Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

Johnson Controls offers a range of ANSUL® gaseous inert, carbon dioxide and halocarbon fire suppression systems; plus, we’ve introduced autonomous fire suppression systems for exterior buildings protection. We use a range of clean agents which are known for their environment-friendly properties and recognized for minimal effects on ozone depletion.

Our gaseous solutions have been specifically developed by our experts in fire suppression who have analyzed and evaluated the fire risk factors associated with each application to produce the most effective solution.

ANSUL® Acoustic Discharge Nozzles

The ANSUL® Acoustic Nozzle, in combination with an INERGEN® OR SAPPHIRE® Fire Suppression System, is particularly useful for suppressing fires in hazards where sound levels may affect sensitive electronic equipment as found in server rooms and data centers.

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SAPPHIRE® PLUS 70-Bar Clean-Agent System

SAPPHIRE PLUS Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems quickly suppress fires and protect sensitive equipment without causing harm to people or the environment. Installation cost, service time, and number of containers are reduced by offering higher fill densities.

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SPRAYSAFE Autonomous Fire Suppression (AFS) System

The SPRAYSAFE system is installed on the exterior of buildings and other structures to suppress fires. It is a combination of robotic monitors, extension beams, a programmable logic controller (PLC), water control valves, piping, and flame detectors.

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